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Manifest That Shit!

Brew Your Success “Manifest That Shit”

“I know I can, Be what I wanna be, If I work hard at it, I'll be where I wanna be”- Nas, “I know I can”

Man, if you would’ve told me a year ago I would have my own podcast and a paid collaboration with a top brewery under my belt then I would’ve told you, “that’s the plan!”

Okay, I’m lying a little bit. I always wanted to have my own podcast and work with breweries to introduce the Black Community to craft beer and craft beer to the Black community. The part I am lying about was that I wasn’t fully ready for the plan. I did have a small part of me believe that I didn’t think I could do this. I didn’t think I was made to be a face of something of this magnitude. There were a lot of doubts in my head a year ago.

That was a year ago though! The journey has been tough so far but it just further made me believe in myself to Manifest that shit! Shout out to Rajah Jewels for my wood sign! From the highs of getting engaged to my best friend to losing my job over silly shit. I started building the brand I pictured in my mind.

I told my Fiance, Ashley, that I wanted to have my own podcast and be able to make money with my brand in some capacity within a year. Of course, with her help and support I got started. Immediately, I started with The Swig Podcast, not knowing a damn thing about podcasts nor did I think I was ready, my doubts creeping in already! I guess I knew , subconsciously, I had to do this because I jumped right in and found my voice.

It was a struggle at first, I didn’t know how to use my voice to get where I wanted to go… where I needed to go. After The Swig and the losing of my job recently, I really had to manifest some shit! I had to rely on myself heavily. I had to focus on what I needed/wanted and make them happen so I started to tell myself what I wanted from The Beerded Brotha as a brand and how it will impact my life. Once I started doing that, everything changed for the better. I have my first paid collaboration with Bearded Iris and Slim and Husky’s for the Barrel Flow Fest in Pittsburgh! Even better news, my sister, Julia, is in charge of the can art! I am so excited for this partnership for so many reasons! It’s a start of how breweries can organically reach out to the Black community and engage with people in it. This is how you create the diversity you seek in breweries! I get to help manifest that!

So, if you are going to tell me a year from now I will have a sustainable imprint in the craft beer world then I will tell you, “that’s the plan!”

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