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Welcome To My Blog

What's up world?!

It's ya boy, The Beerded Brotha, here with a blog of my thoughts on beer, life, race, amongst other things! Did I already mention beer?!

Anyway, here is where you can drink in my written thoughts. Like beer, my writing can be light and crispy like a pilsner or heavy and a lot to take in like a Belgian Quad. I want to be able to express myself in different ways and hope I can connect with someone.

Beer's foundation is built on community. Craft beer has a long way to go but I hope, along with many of my other friends, we can make this idea a reality.

I hope you enjoy this journey! I do not post consistently (I am working on it!) but for now I am here to do the best I can! Thanks for reading!

Drink up,

The Beerded Brotha

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