What's up world?! It's ya boy The Beerded Brotha

With a website!

Here you will find the latest updates, exclusive info and media, and so much more. I'm based in Nashville, but I am always looking to grow and expand my spheres of influence and beer drinking. Feel free to explore the site and join me in my adventures.


Who is the beerded brotha?

Who am I? Good question, I am someone who enjoys craft beer from Stouts to Märzens. I love the science and creativity that goes in to every sip of liquid gold from the malt to the finish when you sip that beer. I want to document my journey and hope to bring black people to appreciate craft beer like I do.

I can talk about how I would be the only black face in a brewery but we know that already. Most black beer drinkers understand this sentiment so I won’t repeat it. I do want to talk about another reason why I love craft beer. I feel accepted. I feel complete. I feel balanced. I am in a world of black beer drinkers that nerd out on the same things I do, BEER! I don’t have to hide or feel the imposter syndrome weighing down on me. I am in a world that I can create and build for myself.

I am The Beerded Brotha because I want other people to find a world where they can be their true selves. I am the Beerded Brotha because I want to show my journey, growth, and something I love and appreciate. I am The Beerded Brotha because it’s just fun!

Who am I? Good Question!